MovieHatch breaks down the doors to Hollywood to help filmmakers and screenwriters bring their projects to fruition. 

Helping talented people since 2007.  

We work with filmmakers, independent production companies and television networks internationally, primarily in sports, drama, horror and reality programming. 

MovieHatch works with a group of broadcast and cable networks that cover 600+ million global TV homes; thus our main direction is on developing/distributing content to this unique unwired network.  

Right now, we’re looking for TV shows (reality, docu-realities, and scripted), documentaries, and narrative films (drama, comedy, low-budget, or horror genres). 

If you have a web series, we’re also helping many international OTT networks to fill their space, so please feel free to share your projects with us. 

We specialize in working with people who have concepts or scripts and would like help in advancing them to the next stage.  

Please write to us on if you have a tv show or film to pitch.

Or fill in the form on this page to give us your name and email. We'll let you know as soon as the full site goes back up or if we have a freebie for you in the meantime.

Thanks for sticking with us as we finish updating our website!